About RJA

This is a Web log detailing my survey of Jane Austen’s novels. It is also a companion to my work over at The Modern Dash. Unlike my work at TMD, however, this blog adopts a more reflective, sarcastic, and personal tone. I am a first-time reader of Austen’s work, and I am approaching it with an intentionally critical eye.

I invite any who are interested to post comments, especially disagreements or interpretive aspects which I may have neglected. If you have any recommendations about how I can make this blog better or how I can get the biggest benefit from this project, drop a line.

For a discussion of my thoughts behind starting this project, I invite you to read my first post, here. Don’t be alarmed by the tomatoes.

For a tentative schedule and order of my reading of the novels, see My Schedule for Reading Jane Austen. My goal is to complete six novels over 3 months, from January 1 to April 1, 2008.

For a description of the “Leads System,” a series of paragraph headers to help with ease of reading, and which I have developed specifically for this blog, see My Tools for a Close Reading of Jane Austen.

This page was last edited on Jan. 2, 2008; it will updated with links as the relevant posts are completed.


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