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My Radcliffe Intermission: A Preparation for Northanger Abbey

February 10, 2009

As planned, I will be reading through Ann Radcliffe’s The Italian before beginning Austen’s Northanger Abbey. Word has it that Northanger looks at a certain topic (cough cough), and that it might be prudent to know the parodied before reading the parody. I’m trying to be vague and open-minded about it because I don’t want any assumptions to spoil what might otherwise be an unbiased and thoughtful reading.

I am posting this not only as information for those who might be following along, but as an attempt to keep to my own convictions about time constraints. I intend to finish The Italian in a week, which shouldn’t be too much trouble given that I won’t be spending time making posts for it. And after that, I want to move swiftly though Northanger so that I can at least try to start Pride and Prejudice before February is up. If you’re wondering about my original schedule, see My Schedule for Reading Jane Austen.

Also up during my intermission will be some thoughts on 2 film adaptations of Sense and Sensibility. Nope, we’re not quite done with the Dashwoods yet. Stay tuned!