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My Schedule for Reading Jane Austen

January 12, 2009

In my quest to uncover the secrets of Jane Austen I have come up with a reading plan. I consulted some electronic and real-person sources to lay out Austen’s six novels in the order in which they were generally written. Perhaps reading the novels in that order will tell me something about the evolution of the writing.

The Tentative Schedule

Here is a tentative list (as of January 12, 2009) of the order and general time frame that I will be reading Austen’s novels:

Sense and SensibilityJanuary 2009, approximately 2 weeks of reading. Goal: full text plus viewing/criticism of a film adaptation.

Northanger AbbeyJanuary 2009, approximately 2 weeks of reading. Goal: full text after a reading of Ann Radcliffe’s The Italian, plus supplementary texts.

Pride and PrejudiceFebruary 2009, approximately 3 weeks of reading. Goal: full text plus heavy supplementary texts and criticism of at least 2 film adaptations.

Mansfield Park February 2009, approximately 2 weeks of reading. Goal: full text plus criticism of a film adaptation.

EmmaMarch 2009, approximately 3 weeks of reading. Goal: full text plus supplementary texts.

PersuasionMarch 2009, approximately 2 weeks of reading. Goal: full text.

So, from the above list, you can probably tell that I expecting to have some overlap. I am also concentrating (by way of a closer reading and more supplementary materials) on Pride and Prejudice. My goal is to finish the reading by April 1, 2009. I will continue commenting and exploring thereafter, of course, but this timeline is meant for the 3-month period through January and March 2009.

At the time of this reading, I have secured supplementary texts for Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey (including Radcliffe’s The Italian, which I intend to read as a bit of background into the type of literature I know Northanger to be referencing). Regarding the film adaptations, I may reroute those goals to fit a timeframe separate from the original 3-month reading timeframe; I hope this will be nailed down by the end of January.

I welcome any comments or suggestions. In particular, I am looking for literary or social criticism of Mansfield Park, Emma, and Persuasion, and any film adaptations that may be floating out there that have want for my word-daggers.

The Project Artifact

I will be creating an “artifact” as part of my 3-month crash-course study of Jane Austen. I am still trying to work out the details of how this works, but generally an artifact is a novel creation—physical or electronic—that can serve as a exemplifying feature of my work, or perhaps a demonstration of something that I have learned.

For this project, I am still considering options, but I want to finalize the idea by February 1, 2009. Maybe it’s an electronic list? Maybe it’s a trinket that displays “Handsome” or “Not handsome” upon pressing a button?

Let me know if you have any ideas about what I can create as an artifact for Reading Jane Austen.